Health records for all

Africa's true Health Information System driving universal access by building infrastructure that connects patient health data to national biometric IDs.

A Structured and unified Health Information System

MedTrack facilitates seamless clinician collaboration across multiple care points, enabling healthcare facilities to capture comprehensive patient data, medical histories, and essential clinical information. Its true strength lies in the system's ability to connect multiple healthcare facilities interoperably, empowering access to valuable clinical data across various healthcare centers.

Serving population
Records generated
Providers served

Nationwide access

MedTrack is an interoperable Health Information System that connects patient information to national biometric identification systems, guaranteeing widespread access to vital data across various healthcare facilities. Read more about our Ghana Card Integration

Read more about our Ghana Card Integration
Policy makers
Health centers
Connects patients data to relevant point-of-care services
A connected solution

Built on a unified infrastructure to connect physicians to all point of care services

Our cutting-edge health information system is built to transform collaboration across multiple care providers and facilities. Unlock the potential of seamless information exchange and coordinated care for better health outcomes across the continent.

Our impact

Embracing social impact for enhanced healthcare profitability

We have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Gomoa East District Health Directorate, embarking on a transformative journey to deploy MedTrack across 31 public healthcare centres benefiting over 322,000 people.

Our pilot program is strategically aligned with the Ghana Health Service flagship Network of Practice program, which aims to foster collaboration and resource sharing among both public and private healthcare facilities

Community case studies
Our work with Abuyama Adam
Operating with MedTrack under the Ghana Health Services' Network Of Practice framework, Abuyama efficiently manages and leads 82 highly skilled care professionals, ensuring the well-being of over 120,000 residents with exceptional care
Meet Pearl
Pearl successfully delivered two beautiful children through the interconnectedness of MedTrack's healthcare system, spanning her antenatal, delivery, and postnatal care. MedTrack's seamlessly integrates all points of care services for mothers like Pearl.
DL Hospital's Hospital Administrator, Bernice
Leveraging MedTrack's innovative patient health tracking features, Bernice has effectively re-engaged patients, with a notable emphasis on nursing mothers, leading to a substantial surge in clinical visits.
Our Journey

Over the years, we have strategically realigned our focus to prioritise the enhancement of primary healthcare delivery, all while striving to create a significant social impact through a sustainable business model.

Pilot communities

Our ultimate goal is to deliver enhanced healthcare outcomes within our pilot communities, acting as a catalyst for scaling our impact throughout Ghana's healthcare system and, ultimately, across the sub-Saharan region.

Our partners
Africa's Health Information OS

Meet Africa's Health Information OS

The healthcare information OS for Africa's 1 billion citizens

We've invested in the ultimate health operating system to help drive a unified health information access globally. With MedTrack's HealthOS, clinicians are able to access information at multiple centres of health delivery.


A new standard for modern healthcare access

MedTrack is designed and built to remove barriers. Powerful yet simple to use, MedTrack unlocks your team’s full potential and execute continues patient care faster and more efficiently.

Patient management care
Manage patient information, clinical summaries and treatment plans, streamlining the delivery of personalised care.
Prescribe & monitor prescriptions
Prescribe medications and track their patients' adherence and progress in real-time.
Order & receive Lab reports
Request lab tests to internal or external facilities and conveniently receive the corresponding reports electronically.
Connect to external facilities
Makes health information history readily available and securely to authorised personnel
Electronic health record
Makes health information history readily available and securely to authorised personnel
Receive external diagnostic requests
Access diagnostic requests from external sources, enabling seamless collaborative service.
Track diagnostic reports
Clinicians can easily monitor the progress and results of diagnostic tests for their patients.
Order & receive Lab reports
Order, receive and track request in states of pending, in-progress and completed
Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics
Generate and send detailed reports, analyze trends, and gain insights.
Receive & dispense prescriptions
Receive electronic prescriptions and efficiently administer medications.
Track patient prescription history
Easily access and monitor patient medication progress.
Connect to prescribing facilities
Seamless connectivity to prescribing facilities for realtime collaborations.
Manage order requests
Track queues, inbound and outbound prescription request from external facilities.
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Enhancing Healthcare with AI

Shaping Africa's future in health information data synthesization using AI

We are using AI to supercharge our Universal Search to offer a simplified and intuitive data query experience. Through this, we aim to transform clinician querying and clinical auditing into a seamless and efficient process.

Efficient and effective health data management is within reach
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Designed with data security as a top priority

Through the combined implementation of patient data encryption and access control, MedTrack's EHR system establishes a robust security framework to protect patient data. These measures work together to ensure patient information's confidentiality, integrity, and availability, fostering trust and maintaining the highest data security standards.

Access controls

The platform has strict access controls that ensure only authorized users can access patient data using multi-factor authentication

Data encryption

Patient information transmissions remains encrypted through our strong data encryption protocols

Data protection compliance

MedTrack adheres to data protection guidelines as outlined by the Data Protection Commission (DPC)

Administrative safeguards

Our established admin safeguards ensures that patient data is handled responsibly and protected against unauthorized access

Audit trails

MedTrack has a robust audit trail that tracks all user activity logs and changes made to patient data, ensuring an additional layer of security


Our goal is to ensure health data access across different systems

Regardless of the technology used

Our interoperability frameworks and standards ensure that health data can be securely shared, transmitted, and accessed across disparate systems, including electronic health records (EHRs), laboratory information systems, and more.

Integrations ready

Seamless connectivity and data exchange with various healthcare systems, regardless of the technology used

Environment management

The MedTrack platform is built on a secured infrastructure to support data storage and transmission across various systems

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Designed for engineering teams

Deliver ambitious applications at scale more quickly with our robust and easy-to-use APIs

Build your ideas off MedTrack's powerful and scalable OS by leverage the platforms extensive data management, and security features

Integrations ready

MedTrack provides a comprehensive set of APIs that are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and technologies.

Access via UI, API or SDK

Access MedTrack infrastructure through user-friendly UI, powerful APIs, and customizable SDKs.

Front-end freedom

MedTrack's flexible system allows you to create custom user-friendly interfaces with tailored user experiences for your big idea

Launch and test quickly

Build your ideas off our powerful and scalable OS by leverage MedTrack's extensive data management, and security features

Fully integrated suite to build your telemedicine startup
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MedTrack is a health information management solution for healthcare providers and patients.