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Hospitals & Doctors
Labs & Pharmacies

About MedTrack

Secure & accessible digital medical data

Medtrack is a health information management solution for healthcare providers and patients. MedTrack allows facilities  to capture a comprehensive picture of patient health information, medical history and other clinical data.

MedTrack is available for Web & Mobile


Improve Your Patient Care & Facility Management

Order & receive Lab reports

Order, receive and track request in states of pending, in-progress and reports sent

Prescribe & monitor prescriptions

Send and monitor prescriptions for your patients in real time

Patient management

Patient healthcare process tracking and optimization

Electronic health record

Makes health information history readily available and securely to authorized users

MedTrack Is Built to help

Hospitals & Doctors

MedTrack provides a streamlined order creation and receipt process for healthcare facilities. Order labs, prescriptions and track patient health data.

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Labs & Pharmacies

MedTrack offers connectivity services to streamline communication between physicians, lab facilities, pharmacies and patients by allowing each to send and receive data digitally

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Make information available instantly and securely to authorized users. MedTrack integrates your health information so you can take action across multiple health facilities. 

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Quick and easy self setup

MedTrack was built with industry insights led by seasoned physicians, lab operators and skilled software engineers

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