Personalized Prenatal Care (PCM) for the Last Mile

Empowering Expectant Mothers with Timely, Actionable Health Information

Personalized, timely, and actionable health SMS messaging

Beyond Generic Advice

MedTrack's Prenatal Care Messaging (PCM) service transforms prenatal care by delivering personalized, timely, and actionable health information directly to expectant mothers. By leveraging our Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform, PCM curates tailored SMS messages based on each pregnancy's unique clinical profile, ensuring that every mother receives the support and guidance she needs for a healthy pregnancy journey.


Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Prenatal Care Using MedTrack's Dynamic HIS categorization

Through the analysis of a comprehensive range of medical data, including pre-existing conditions, pregnancy-related risks, and ongoing clinical assessments, our system classifies pregnancies into distinct risk categories. This dynamic categorization enables the delivery of highly targeted and relevant health information through SMS, empowering expecting mothers to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards ensuring the well-being of both mother and child.

How it works

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green

Our PCM service utilizes a sophisticated colour-coded categorization system to assess and monitor each pregnancy's risk level. By analysing comprehensive medical data, including pre-existing conditions and ongoing clinical assessments, we classify pregnancies into four distinct categories: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green.

This dynamic categorisation enables the delivery of highly targeted and relevant health information, empowering mothers to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards ensuring the well-being of both mother and child.

Markers for high-risk pregnancies

High-risk pregnancies with existing conditions such as eclampsia, pre-eclampsia, pregnancy-induced diabetes, grand multiparity, or sickle cell disease.

Pregnancies with recurrent indicators

Pregnancies with conditions like hypertension, diabetes, urinary tract infections, HIV/AIDS exposure, or Hepatitis B exposure.

Pregnancies with non-recurrent indications

Pregnancies with non-recurrent indications for previous cesarean sections, multiple gestations, or previous difficult or eventful deliveries.

Markers for low-risk pregnancies

Low-risk pregnancies with no previous history of difficult pregnancies or current risk factors.


Personalized, timely, and actionable health SMS

Personalized SMS

Personalized SMS reminders for antenatal visits and vital health checks

Educational content

Timely educational content on nutrition, exercise, and mental well-being

Intervention alerts

Early warning alerts for potential complications and guidance on seeking timely interventions

Risk monitoring

Continuous monitoring and adaptation based on changes in clinical assessments and risk factors

Real-time access

Seamless integration with MedTrack's EHR platform for real-time access to comprehensive medical data


Transforming Maternal Health Outcomes in Gomoa East

MedTrack's PCM service has demonstrated a remarkable impact in the Gomoa East District of Ghana. Since its deployment, the district has witnessed significant improvements in key maternal health indicators:

  • Antenatal care attendance increased from 52% to 79%
  • Skilled deliveries rose from 63% to 87%
  • Hospital visits for pregnancy red flags increased by 72%
  • Improved compliance with prenatal vitamins and antimalarial prophylaxis
  • Reduced stillbirth rate (12 per 1,000 births) and neonatal mortality rate (15 per 1,000 live births)
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