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As a health tech organization that is constantly expanding, we are committed to enhancing our systems with our global partners to ensure quality and effectiveness at every stage of our development.

MedTrack's global driven partnerships

We are dedicated to fostering robust partnerships with industry players, communities, and stakeholders, creating a strong foundation for the successful implementation of our product.

Through close collaboration with diverse stakeholders, we are committed to effective service delivery and making a meaningful impact in healthcare. We have forged partnerships with health technology providers, healthcare facilities, government agencies, internet service providers, NGOs, and development partners to accelerate product development, scale, and adoption. Together, we strive to transform healthcare by leveraging collective expertise and resources to benefit communities we serve.

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Ghana Health Service Partnership

Our journey with the Ghana Health Service and Gomoa East District

Deploy MedTrack across 31 public healthcare centres

We made significant strides in the Ghanaian health systems with a strategic public/private partnership strategy. The implementation of MedTrack, our health information system using the Ghana Card (national biometric ID), through an MOU with the Gomoa East District Health Directorate, aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery and improve patient experiences. Starting at Buduatta and Nyanyano Health Centres, representing diverse healthcare settings, we prioritize embracing diversity, understanding district needs, and leveraging robust healthcare infrastructure. This transformative journey aligns with Ghana's efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage and build a healthier continent together.

Google partnerships

Google for Startups

MedTrack's involvement in the Google for Startups Mentorship Program through the WFP DHIAP has been influential. Mentorship sessions with Google experts Daniel Keely and Adam Debowsky have shaped our product positioning and partnership efforts, including collaborations with MTN Ghana. Our primary objective is to forge a stronger partnership with Google, leveraging their expertise and resources to develop and expand our health information systems across diverse healthcare settings in Africa. We deeply appreciate Google's unwavering support as an invaluable and trusted partner, sharing our mission to transform healthcare in the region.

WFP Partnership

Our Journey with the WFP Innovation Accelerator DHIAP

The Digital Health Innovation Acceleration Programme (DHIAP), launched in 2021, is a collaboration between the WFP Innovation Accelerator, BMZ digilab, GIZ, KfW, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Its first chapter, "Open Challenge," aims to accelerate scalable digital innovations for pandemic preparedness and COVID-19 vaccination rollout. Eight ventures were selected for the virtual WFP Innovation Bootcamp, followed by the opportunity to join the WFP Sprint Programme, offering up to $250,000 in funding, tailored mentoring, and networking events. MedTrack is one of three teams chosen based on impact, scalability, business model, team, innovativeness, and traction. The programme commenced on August 25, 2022.

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